Event Monitors

Event Monitors

LifeStar AF Express™ Auto-Detect Looping Monitor

1-lead auto-trigger cardiac monitor with a unique algorithm that detects and automatically records asymptomatic events of AFIB, Bradycardia and Tachycardia

Provides up to 30 days of monitoring

Symptomatic events are manually recorded

Patients manually transmit events by landline phone to LifeWatch


The ZIO® Patch is a new form of ambulatory cardiac monitoring described as a wearable patch. The ZIO Patch is unique compared to traditional Holter monitors as the monitoring device has no leads, no wires and no batteries.  The ZIO Patch weighs just a few ounces that is a peel and stick device that is worn for an extended monitoring period of up to 14 days. Even though the device is worn for a longer duration than a Holter monitor, the ZIO Patch is said to be preferred by nearly 80% of patients as compared to a traditional 24 Holter monitor.

Features of the ZIO Patch:

  • Arguably the smallest ambulatory cardiac monitor
  • Light weight
  • No lead wires
  • Single channel ECG recording
  • No batteries
  • Superior patient compliance
  • Water resistant
  • Up to 14 days of continuous ECG recording



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